2014. április 22., kedd

Day of Birds and Trees at Kazinczy street -

On 10th May the places located in Kazinczy Street are joining forces to show that yes, it is worth working on creating a more liveable city; and how useful and proper it would be if certain streets – for example the Kazinczy – became pedestrian streets. On the Day of Birds and Trees the whole Kazinczy Street is going to be closed from traffic and several events are going to be organised by the variety of places in and out, waiting for the locals, tourists, the citizens of the 7th Association) about the programs on this whole day long festival Here are some of them in advance: connected to the day of the birds and trees, there is going to be tree planting and a birds’ show of course, there is going to be the launching ceremony of the street art map on the firewall of Wichmann pub and several art exhibitions are going to be opened that day. The well known and - not by chance – liked bike flea market is going to be in Szimpla Kert (with Goldsprint, Hungarian Bikers’ Club, BuBi, and Hungarian imaginative creators); there are going to be acoustic, world music and jazz concerts, some of the performers are: Bélaműhely, Iparkutya, Puszi, Lakatos Trió, dance performances by the Hungarian Dance Academy, tango show and course, fire jugglers and acrobats can be expected. The Harmony Choir is coming which is the representative of the classical music in the series of the events. The organisers
thought about the little ones too, there are going to be handcraft and creative workshops, a soap bubble blowing contest, a small motor skill competition, play house, theatre for children by the team of Szimpla Theatre. We do not want anybody to be thirsty or hungry so the places in the street lengthened their opening hours and prepared special gastro deals for that day. The Eating at Butchers Community is going to cook for charity. We are cooking the street’s already diverse culinary variety even more colourful. The organisers are still awaiting the applications of NGOs to introduce their activities to the public at this address: abel@szimpla.hu (Ábel Zsendovits).

The event is declared apolitical and non-profit, the aim is to enhance the reputation of Kazinczy Street and illustrate the car-free, pedestrian function district and whole city. We got information from the organisers (Azért7)

photos by: Mátyás Szöllősi

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