2014. május 19., hétfő

Let Kazinczy Street not be an escape option -

The solution: retractable bollards, entrance by car only with a permission which is given only for natural and legal persons registered in the street. The “mixed traffic” does not work.As the city council of the district (Erzsébetváros) sees it: “The street of culture was born in the heart of Erzsébetváros in Budapest in 2011. This is a pedestrian street according to the European standards and it is full of cultural opportunities.” (http://kulturautcaja.hu/)

As we see it: The Kazincy Street in the 7th district is not a pedestrian street at all. It is a very popular escape route from the traffic from Király Street to Rákóczi Road with up to 300 cars an hour. Neither the beautifully restored surface of the street, nor the nerves of the local people and the ones using the pavements can take this load.
Our long term dream is a solution well-known from the 5th district with retractable bollards. They would make it possible for the citizens of the street to drive in and use the deep-level garages and parking yards and of course would give way to emergency vehicles. The costs of implementation and maintenance would be covered by the Élő Erzsébetvárosért Organisation (For the Living District) so there would not be any further burden on the budget of the city council and the state. As the mayor puts it: “The heart of Budapest will provide the experience of a fresh and dynamic city, where the work, the studying, the entertainment and the everyday activities will become more attractive. After all, the city is not just a place where we live but a living space where we live and live through our every days and which is waiting for us with open arms.” (István Tarlós)
We believe in peaceful transition, in listening to every interested side’s opinion, in beneficial compromises. For teh sake of these we suggest that the decision makers (city council of the 7th district and the responsible persons at BKK) should limit vehicle traffic in Kazinczy Street in the peak periods during the spring and summer seasons of 2014 as a test. Based on the experience of this period they should consider the implementation of retractable bollards. We would like to ask create an opportunity for a dialogue with the local citizens, representatives of the business organisations and the  decision makers of limiting traffic. Please sign the petition if you agree. We are happy to get some constructive comments below.

Az Élő Erzsébetvárosért Egyesület, Kazinczy csoport (For the Living District Organisation, Kazinczy Group)

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