2018. január 10., szerda

Szimpla - 2017 (english)

The year 2017 is over, which was really unique and eventful in Szimpla. We tried to collect a few things, what happened in the past approximately 365 days, but as we had even more events and visitors than the year before, we can only present an rough outline in pictures, videos and figures what happened in Szimpla last year.

Looking back on 2017: Szimpla Kert had more than 1.2 million visitors, and the number of daytime visitors is increasing. In 2016 we decided that we want to have visitors not only in the evening or at night, but create a space which is attractive during daytime, full of programs, with music, arts, markets or gastronomy, theatre or literature, often carfree, happening also in the street in front of us, and we can tell that this initiative has been successful és ez úgy tűnik, sikerült is.

More than 260 thousand people visited our website in 2017, our subsites had more than 700 thousand visitors. Szimpla has almost 100 thousand followers in Facebook, and what is even more astonishing that on Facebook our various videos were watched for 676 thousand minutes(!) altogether, plus, last but not least, for about 400 thousand minutes on YouTube. Szimpla had more than 4 million Google searches, and 2.5 million wrote Szimpla kert, whcih is quite direct. Including our new Szimpla Night Vibes DJ events, we had over 500 music events, more, than 150 new videos, at least 200 live transmissions and more than 60 new recorded songs, contibuting to the music life in Hungary.

Besides, we organized Cycling Circuses where you could find special design products and recycled, upcycled art, we presented the Budapest Catalogue books, and we organized 48 farmers' markets, with 48 charity cooking events, where NGOs raised over 7 million forints. We should not forget about our dog-themed markets, where the number of four-legged visitors was 150 in average, of course accompanied by their two-legged friends, which is a great success.

Bicycles were rented from us over 800 times, and more than 50 pieces of art were created in the Art Corner. In Szimpla Háztáji 21660 menues were sold in 2017, as well as 5415 croissants, 14440 sandwiches, 510 liters of yoghurt and minimum 10 thousand eggs were used for cakes and treats, omelettes and our other foods. Our new project is Szimpla Farmers' Brunch, which has been extremely successful: we had at least 7500 visitors in 2017.  

We organized two street festivals in Kazinczy street together with the other places, where over 5000 people were strolling, cycling, planting trees, in addition last year on the carfree day we tried out, very successfully what is it like when the street is closed for cars for a whole weekend, including the night. In addition, we occupied the street for various other programs for another 12 days during the year.   

We hope that this trend that we can expand our activities will continue this year as well, and we will continue making our environment more liveable. We hope that those who have not visited us will have the opportunity to pop in, and those who have been to Szimpla return and we can fulfil their expectations. Thank you for those who visited us last year, our markets or fairs, our concerts, or just dropped in for mulled wines or coctails any evening. Check out our videos and picture galleries for 2017, they are worth seeing.

Szimpla wishes you a very happy and successful New Year!

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