2012. április 19., csütörtök

Earth day at Kazinczy street -

 It hasn’t been a while since we said goodbye to smoking in bars and restaurants. Now we are not about sending off something, contrariwise we would like to attract attention on the importance of maintaining all values surrounding us. Principally we are here on Earth to create without causing any harm to the environment. Earth Day has high importance for Szimpla as well, therefore we tend to fight for turning Kazinczy street pedestrian.

On 22nd April (Sunday) festival starts to bring everybody’s attention to us. We’d rather say not us, but the so called Street of culture. There will be concerts: Szimpla Spring Band, Iparkutya, Tilalmas, music and dancing on the street, gerilla chant at the entrance, programmes for bikers and children, an event called Eatable Szimpla: a workshop for planting vegetables and herbs
Mr Lazar Todoroff will lead the projection of Movies on the street – 8 mm films will be projected from the Trabant Szimpla possesses. You’ll find creative workshops and Bazar Hostel expects visitors for trial sleeping on bunk beds - We dream for free. There gonna be loads of other programmes.

In the Garden Gouba Market of handmade crafts will take place between 10:00AM and 7:00PM – more information here: szimpla

At Mika Tivadar Bar you’ll find Designplacc - Local government organizes Vernal day in Kazinczy street, so it’s worth visiting The street of culture.

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