2012. április 17., kedd

Szimpla Balaton - RELOADED

We have come to a new year when we had the lucky opportunity to bring Szimpla Balaton to life again. The team moved to Pécsely, in a former tallow-chandler parsonage (built in 1894), 30 km away from the previous place, in the National Park of the Balaton Highlands. New logo, new name. Szimpla Balaton Camp. New location, new activities. Some new sporty and creative members have been added to our team and the concept of an outdoor camp has formed – in a „Szimpla” athmosphere. The house and the garden lake is going to be fenced round with tents,  deck-chairs, slacklines, lamps, campfire, a basketball hoop, a volleyball net, and a minibar, while good mood is  enhanced by some background music. In the house you can find a self-service kitchen, a toilet, a bathroom and a community room for evenings and rainy days.

Unlike the first location, this new one serves accomodation -  topped with an exrta activity service pack. This is one among other reasons why the number of vacancies is limited and participation is bound to registration. Other activities include rock-climbing once daily with top-rope safety system and free bike rental. We invite you to our daliy ball-, and in-house olympic games where you can win drink coupons.

In March we realunched our Outdoor Inhales series which means free trial of outdoor sports, including slackline, rock-climbing and hiking in Budapest and nearby places – a kind of warm-up for summer.

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The camp starts on July 18th, we are waiting for our sporty guests.
Registrate now on our e-mail: szimplabalaton@gmail.com

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