2012. augusztus 21., kedd

The Seven Wheels Szimpla Bike Basement just opened -

On the 13th August Seven Wheels Szimpla Bike Basement opened it’s gates. Two in one: it is situated in the Szimpla Information Bar and at the opposite side of the road, in front of it in the basement. In the latter one can rent or make repaired bicycles.
Of course there is a shop as well: bike apparel for women and men, trousers, belts, bracelets, jewels made of recycled materials, and many stuff that refers to Szimpla and Budapest (fridge magnets, t-shirts, badges). As we are not a design shop, our goods are special, one of a kind, made by Hungarian designers and sold at a reasonable price.

Seven Wheels Szimpla Bike Basement is not only a venture, but it’s aim is to be the center of bike-culture for both tourists and natives. Bikes to be rented are old-fashioned, vintage ones with coaster. Rachel Demkó, leader of the basement is happy to help in any case: rental, repair, or if you need any accessory. We are open every day between 11:00AM and midnight.

Don’t forget that we have a bike flea market monthly. Let’s meet there and until than have a good bike trip!

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