2014. január 6., hétfő

Happenings in the Szimplas - 2013

Probably a very thick book could be published on the happenings in the Szimplas in 2013. Retracing all the events would require huge effort and research but we do not have the time and energy as everything is going on and 2014 (when the Garden is going to be 10 years old) is coming. But we collected the most important data in numbers, videos and pictures. First of all, as this is the most important, we would like to thank you for visiting us, watching us live and on videos, photos, events, homepages and facebook. Thank you for loving us in this busy and exciting year and we hope that you enjoyed visiting us and wish to come back very soon.

The greatest joy is that incredibly many people visited us. We had to deal with more than 8 hundred thousand guests and we can say it proudly that we didn’t have any serious difficulty. This year was mostly about transformations even our website (www.szimpla.hu) is totally renewed and you can find a fresh easy to use and transparent surface. You can find everything you are interested in, may it be a music event, market, biker flea market, Szimpla studio, exhibition, design market or theatre. We launched the Szimpla on Soundcloud where you could download 22 songs from.

We organised 234 music events including the concerts at the farmers’ market adding to the great atmosphere of the event which has been going on for more than two years every Sunday providing a real communal program with activities for children, cooking together and all kinds of delicacies. A new shop opened where you can enjoy fresh soups, sandwiches, cakes and coffees made of Has Bean coffee every day, so you do not have to wait until Sunday to consume the delicious products of the market. 

We organised 12 bike flea markets where more than 200 bikes found their new owners, 11 theatre performances and one charity evening where you could hear works by János Térey, Tibor Zalán, Attila Csikós, Harold Pinter, Claude Miller, Mátyás Szöllősi, etc. There were 12 BorOrgias, 11 pálinka courses, 2 tenant meetings, and 4 world music kitchens with guest countries like Morocco, Greece, Uruguay and India.

148843 people saw the Szimplavideos on youtube made by Lázár Todoroff and they spent 344007 watching them which is more than a half year. We sent 52 newsletters. More than 50 000 people read our blog. There was 182 hours of film screening, 93 wedding photo shooting, 280 hours of audio was recorded in the Szimpla Studio, we put 2400 kg of cheese on sandwiches and squeezed about 4000 kg lemon into different drinks.

We wish everybody a very happy new year. We are looking forward to meeting you also in 2014 in the world’s 3rd best bar.

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