2014. november 12., szerda

Szimpla Háztáji is one year old

The Szimpla Háztáji (backyard) Shop opened last year on 13rd October in Kazinczy Street 7. so it is more than a year old. And what characterises us? Ingredient fetish. Backyard culture. Domestic fair trade – so first producers’ drinks and food. All of this is without compromise. Not homemade for display but net homemade as we like it on Sundays. Have a soup, a cake or a sandwich. Everyday there are two soups one with meat and one vegetarian made by Andi Béres. We always cook from the vegetables and fruit that are in season. Cakes, strudels with cottage cheese, poppy seed, apple, all from the oven of Szimpla.

And the bulletin screen shows backyard films as a real first producers’ shop window and sale project.

Our take away objects are made of sugarcane, they are super-degradable, not only lied to be green so you can take them. This is a real white spot on the map of hospitality so we drew an experimental workshop, an experimental kitchen. This is a test first of all that we do out of curiosity.

The Szimpla Háztáji nurtures on the producers of the Szimpla market and nurtures the people in Budapest.

There is also the fact that the espressos, lattes and cappuccinos are made from Has Bean coffee. Do not be surprised when you feel a completely new, a bit unusual, creamy and slightly sour taste as it comes from the coffee’s fruitiness, softness and from that very fortunate characteristic that it is not as acidic as the most coffees that you can drink in Budapest. Try it; we are sure that you will like it in the long run.

Come to Kazinczy Street, let’s have some of the atmosphere of the market every day. Let’s have some market every day.

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