2014. november 2., vasárnap

'Szimpla Háztáji' is one year old -

Szimpla Háztáji was a year old on 13th October. The tame of the shop (and its flavours) may both be familiar. On this occasion and because we wanted to show ourselves a bit more and adapt to the expectations and challenges that we set for ourselves, we decided to invite the people who are interested to a real Háztáji lunch which reflects the new menu of Szimpla Kert. We would like to show that we can add to the fame and results of hospitality in Szimpla Kert, we want our kitchen to show that on the one hand we do our best to provide the most reliable standard and quality and on the other hand we reach this goal by using ingredients only from our farmers’ market. The most important lesson that we learnt in the previous year is that there is a serious demand for soups, main dishes, dessert made from good quality ingredients as more and more people are conscious about what they eat and how the food is prepared for them.

We organised a lunch on 21 October to show a taste of the new foods that you can try in Szimpla Kert from now on. The menu included sweet potato cream soup with chilli, ginger and turnip chips, deer and duck burgers, tandoori chicken stripes or our unique paleo cake with fruit and chocolate. Many people came: gastro bloggers, journalists, gourmands who would obviously appreciate what was put on their plates; and we believe that all that could have been found in the shop satisfied their needs, and that all the experience we had and the quality that we provide in the shop will be useful in the Szimpla Kert also, and the new menu that you can find in the Kert from now on is going to make the place even more multi-sided. Our cooks also took part in the event, they talked about different techniques and ingredients they use with pleasure, one of our sellers at the market also joined us to give useful information to the tasters.

We buy most of the ingredients for the foods that are sold in the shop and the Kert from the sellers of our Farmers’ Market so the products we created are available not only on Sundays but every day of the week. The bakeries that go with the food are freshly made in our own handcraft bakery. This year at the market and the shop shows that you like simple, easy to make foods that can be made quickly; and what we imagined has an effect on you and we managed to shape the opinion of those who had been to the Szimpla earlier but never thought too much about where to buy the meat, vegetables and fruit that is necessary every day.

It is a great pleasure and also inspiration for constant revival.
Come to the Szimpla Kert, the Háztáji (backyard) shop and try the newest delicacies, we are sure that you will not be disappointed.

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