2012. szeptember 22., szombat

Szimpla cauldron – food with curry for meat lovers and vegetarians

The past two market gardened goods fairs were supplemented by cooking at place in cauldron. At first so called ‘paprikás krumpli’ – potato with Hungarian paprika spice plus sausage was made, at the second time Bori Sinkó prepared a special ‘lecsó’ – ratatouille/letcho/stew. This weekend Ildikó Bezselics, the landlady of the Kitchen of the 2 cats cooking blog will prepare delicious turkey-curry with peach and pumkin plus vegetable curry for vegetarians. You can offer as much money as you wish for the dish – money will be donated and delivered to poor families by Budapest Bike Maffia.

The market starts at 9:00am and it’s worth arriving early as the range of merchandise is widening and more and more programs for kids and for charity are coming. This weekend Majorka Puppet-show will entertain the young ones and Szimpla Resident Band will entertain the old ones.

Come and buy home-made, home-gardened, good quality, tasty food to start to eat well. Let’s meet on Sunday at Szimpla kert!

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