2014. június 12., csütörtök

They are the winners of the Lemming Program in 2014 -

The Szimpla Studio organised the Lemming Program for the second time this year and interest is just growing and growing. It is such a talent program which tries to avoid creating a meat market atmosphere, so we did not organise a festival but the whole of April was dedicated to Lemming concerts. The performers were evaluated by a professional jury and also the readers of Quart Magazine. The members of the jury became fans of all the bands but fortunately they do not rank them but award them by providing the most suitable opportunity.

According to this Juli Szatmári and her band can record a whole album in the Szimpla Studio, the album will be released and distributed by NarRator Records hand in hand with dalok.hu. The readers of quart.hu gave the most points to Gypo Circus, who can bring their music to the Badehaus Szimpla Musiksalon in Berlin. It is surely going to be big. The dalok.hu is starting a media campaign for the band Anu Mauri to spread the news: this band is good. The Fidelio gives media support to the Balogh Tamás Quartett because we need more and more young and talented jazz bands. The guys in Szimpla got pretty hooked on the psychedelic music of HVRZ, so they won an opportunity to make a demo record which is included in the Szimpla Studio package. Mű-Hely Est (Workshop Evening) is organised in Dürer Kert every month where young talents are brought together with a big “old” musician who is chosen by the band and this band is Heted7. The Szimpla Farmers’ Market is visited by 1800-2000 people every Sunday, they will be entertained by Pazso. And of course as all concerts were brilliant, the following bands are going to play in Szimpla Kert soon: Gidnim'Rém, Makarenko, Nemulass, Modal Jazz 5, Zrínyi Pop, Anyu Nem Seedel, Ed Is On. Next time they will play as newborn stars and not in the shadow of the excitements of a talent competition.

These bands together create a rich musical world and they are a good impression of music life in the 2010s. And without much further ado, HERE, you can even listen to them.

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