2015. május 28., csütörtök

Summer Nights of Bulgarian Masterpieces -

Summer comes to Szimpla Kert with an amazing collection of Bulgarian movies. Each of them is a  typical representative of its time and has its deserved place on the top 100 Bulgarian movie chart. 

05.06. (Friday)

A war time love story – ‘The Peach Thief’

The movie is excellent not only because of its story, but also because of the enchanting way, it is directed and because of the way, the two protagonists’ images are built up. It is a black and white classic with extraordinary actor play. The movie is the ultimate proof that nothing, even war, can tear down the feeling of love. Sad and beautiful at the same time, ‘the Peach Thief’ endorses the viewer and keeps the attention from its beginning to the end. 

08.06. (Monday)

The historic novel comes to life – ‘Time of Violence

Strong, monumental and conquering the spectator’s attention. Appreciated by critics from both the US and Europe, the movie is presented at 16 festivals worldwide. The novel based movie traces back in time the Revival of the national past, marked by 500 years of Ottoman slavery.

15.06. (Monday)

The game is over only when you surrender – ‘TILT’

The movie traces back a love story, started in the situation of the changing political and social environment in Bulgaria in the beginning of the transition to democracy. Humoristic and adventurous, the movie with its authentic interpretation of the 90s, can perfectly appeal to young people even nowadays, because of its light motifs of love, friendship and betrayal. 

22.06. (Monday)

The fire-mastering documentary – ‘Steps in the Fire’

The documentary depicts the century old custom, called ‘Nestinarstvo’. It is more than dancing on fire; it is a mystery ritual, whose secrets are known only to certain people, the masters of fire. Come and experience the magic of fire! 

29.06. (Monday)

Lost and found – ‘The World is Big and Salvation lurks around the Corner’

Presenting the story of Alex, who has amnesia, the director Stefan Komandarev concentrates on several simple truths about life. The past has to be remembered and accepted with both its good and bad memories. Only then we can go on with our lives, only then we will be free. Just like Alex.

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