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Szimpla Treasures - treasure hunt in Kazinczy

As you may have already noticed (in the last more than ten years): we like change and innovation in Szimpla. All the projects we have started in the last few years could be listed at some length without any flatulence, starting from Szimpla Balaton, organising street festivals, through the theatre project of Szimpla and setting the delicacies of the Farmers’ market available in the city everyday. Our and others’ long standing obsession is to surround ourselves with exciting objects and decorations, we decorate our home or Szimpla itself. This thing has a central figure but he usually withdraws to the background modestly, Benedek Kópis, who made quite a few people, Hungarian or foreigner smile with his blog called Ágy-Asztal-Tv and his superb activity in the Szimpla Design Shop.

He recently told us about the time when his idea was born to create a place where old, antique objects and the newest, coolest contemporary design objects can be together in harmony. His old dream was to attract the online community he created into a real space, where people can meet and discuss what they have “talked about” in front of the screen and make it possible to speak about design and interiors in real life. So this is how the shop was born, the Szimpla Design Shop and its basic concept is growing into a unique fair where you will find antiques and brand new products beside each other.

It means a different theme every month from September with five different basic themes in the first five months. For example, we focus on ceramics and glassware on the first occasion on the 10th September, and on the antique and modern metal objects in October. The whole thing starts all over in February, so the five thematic blocks are repeated starting a circle, such a repetition that will provide some experience and demands will be outlined well. The speciality of the fair is that the customers can get the worth of a given object checked by official valuers so they’ll see if the product is worth its price. The expertise of the valuers helps to find out the age, origin and place of production, etc. of the objects. Ben emphasised that it’s very important for him to make those meet who are experts in the topics and those people who are interested in them in a space that is based on such products (also literally) and to make searching the internet and the often uncertain results touchable and enable participants to tell personally what they think, what questions, problems and ideas they have.

The fair has a very important element, that there is a bilingual workshop that is connected to the main theme, on the first occasion visitors can create objects by the help of Made by You ceramics and painting workshop.

A very important momentum of the fair is that you can buy a Szimpla Treasures badge and the income from the sale goes to a different non-governmental organisation each time, and an online magazine will write about the fair which will add up to be a printed catalogue in every half year.

So we are inviting you for a treasure hunt organised by the Szimpla Design Shop. It is a topical fair organised every month where antiques and contemporary designs can be together in harmony.

The program of the first five occasions (on the second Saturday of each month):

10th September 2016. Vol. 1: ceramic, porcelain, terracotta, glass and concrete and any recycled creations made in these areas.

8th October 2016. Vol. 2: textiles, carpets, lamps, antique and contemporary metal objects, boxes, bags and suitcases and any recycled creations made in these areas.

12th November 2016. Vol. 3: photos, posters, graphics, prints, ink drawings, picture frames.

10th December 2016. Vol. 4: antique and modern toys, contemporary jewelry and antique trinkets, antique clocks, antique musical instruments, records, Christmas tree ornaments.

14th January 2017. Vol.5: military, numismatics, stamps, models, paper antiques and antique technical objects.

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