2012. május 11., péntek

Bike flea market and Recycle fair at Szimpla Kert -

Bike flea market again on Saturday (12th May) at Szimpla. In case you’d love to spend an afternoon with chillin, shopping and sports, visit Szimpla – starring: the bicycle.

Between 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM you can browse the following bike clothes, bags and equipment designers and sellers goods: Fogaskerékpár - Serin - d-fanni - Bringadivat (bike fashion) - Rozitív - Tenshibag - Bringamatrica (bike stickers) - 1mind1 - Musu - Orosz Ádám - Gerilla bike - Eb design - toritextil - Choma Bicycles - Yakkay - Kerekecske Gombocska - Gerdushi - Keleti Blokk - Balkantango - Imola - Wiga bringa - Rekontra - Bendzso Bringaruha.

Important! Selling your goods is only possible after you signed up, so please drop an email to szimplabringasbolha@gmail.com so you will be entitled to sell your stuff at the next bike flea market.

During the market hours good music provided by DJPiry and DJ Peta. Nektek!

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