2012. május 17., csütörtök

Four concerts at Szimpla kert

Concerts followed by concerts at Szimpla Kert – as 2012 goes on the line up is more and more interesting and fancy. Concerts on Tuesdays, so called Tajtékos nap on Wednesdays and live music even on Thursdays. From time to time we tend to draw attention to the music selection with short mixes. Mr Lazar Todoroff records everything, so here come 4 bands, 4 short recordings – all of them played their music in Szimpla in May. Listen to the sounds of Takács Eszter, or Kéknyúl (blue rabbit J) or Peca here. Further information can be found on YouTube.

And, of course come to the free concerts of ours! Details on www.szimpla.hu

Bass Loco & Tomor Barnabás

                                                                            Takáts Eszter & Bakai Marci

Kéknyúl Hammond Band


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