2015. február 5., csütörtök

Have prejudices – come and read them out!

Human rights activism has a new face – the living books change the perception of stereotypes by ordinary people. The living library provides the Readers with a simple and pleasant way to challenge their lack of knowledge about disadvantaged social groups and to have a brand new experience. 

The first Kazinczy Living Library fulfilled its purpose in a brilliant way. Carried out inside the walls of Szimpla Kert, the event involved a big diversity of Books with interesting stories that made the reading process so intriguing, so it had to be prolonged in some cases.

A very important part of the team was the volunteers whose amazing facilitation and co-ordination skills enabled the Readers to feel comfortable and to enjoy fruitful conversations with the Books. 

Having more than 100 guests demonstrated in a brilliant way that the organizational part of the job was done extremely well and evidence for that it is that most people did not know it was the first Kazinczy Living Library event. The Books managed to get visibility for their situation and the visitors, most of whom Hungarians, proved that the Hungarian society is not impartial to its marginalized and stereotyped members.

All of the Readers got familiarized with the personal stories, got emotionally touched by them and managed to build up their personal opinion about homeless people, ex-drug addicts and community workers. They will no longer be misleaded by the often distorted media image of these social groups. 

Deservedly, the Kazinczy Living Library got huge media coverage a big plus was that the international community got involved, a fact, that makes the Kazinczy Living Library one of a kind in Hungary. At the same time, the success rises up the expectations for the next one, but the Kazinczy Living Library team will definitely live up to them.

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