2015. március 13., péntek

Szimpla Bakery is launched -

Traditional, like at home delicacies made on the spot, every day from the window of Szimpla Kert. First producers’ ingredients have played a central role in the Kitchen of Szimpla Kert and Szimpla Háztáji for more than a year, so we thought the introduction of our own bakery  products is essential, too. Recently, you could have bought loaves, baguettes, rolls and bread specialities and lot of other delicacies at the Farmers’ Market but from now on it is a privilege only on Sundays as the testing period is over; Szimpla Bakery starts its public operation on 15th March 2015.

How does a bakery come to Szimpla?

The answer is (again) being home-made like. For many people Szimpla Kert is beginning to mean the market on Sundays and the delicacies that are available there. This is what we put in Szimpla Háztáji and this is what we put in the Szimpla Bakery.In our handcraft bakery, we make only additive free bakery products on the spot. The unique taste and quality is ensured by our traditional recipes and the ingredients from first producers.Since the opening of the Szimpla Háztáji, we have used only Has Bean coffee, this company prefers small producers, this will be the same in the bakery; so for your breakfast you can get a bakery product and a coffee speciality, too; even as a take-away. The bakery is at the side of Szimpla Kert, preparations are in progress. The window to the street opens on 15th March, in the afternoons and evenings you can buy the products inside, opposite the shisha bar, where you can also get some coffee and beer specialities.If for you only the homemade is acceptable even from bakery products, be our guest on the 15th and after even that.We buy the flour we use from the Molnár Mill, the cheese is made by Zsuzsa Bertók and Rezső Hortig, other dairy products are delivered by Csengő Manufaktúra, the mangalitza pork and the grey cattle beef is from Hajta Farm, the jams are provided by Csósza Manufaktúra.

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