2015. június 11., csütörtök

World Music Kitchen and Bike Market at Szimpla kert

Do you know that the Szimpla Bike Market meets the World Music Kitchen? On 13th June 2015, on a Saturday: the Tour de France is in Szimpla Kert! Let’s face it, the magic of the French countryside has always enchanted the bikers and it always will, we cannot deny that. There is some kind of bicycle race called Tour de France. It is connected to bikes and France, too. And where do hungry bikers eat Croque-Monsieur and Nizza Salad with a chilled beverage in their hands while watching the Triplettes de Belleville? Well, so, what can one expect at the Bike Market?

Besides the usual good atmosphere, beautiful (I really mean, they are) bicycles, clothes accessories and equipment and there is going to be … (drum roll) … FREE COURSE ON HOW TO ASSEMBLE AND PREPARE YOUR BIKE FOR THE SUMMER

This is represented by the pair of gears.

Free services include:

changing of internal and external tyres

setting of brakes an gears

changing breaks and wires

changing bearings, cones, chains and ratchets

It is IMPORTANT that the services are only available if you buy the new parts on the spot, between 13h and 19h, first come, first served.

And here comes the trick: French World Music Kitchen at the grill bar and in the concert hall. What can you expect? Croque Monsieur and Nizza Salad, French Café, come, have a coffee and practice the language with some of our French friends.

Film screenings: Triplettes de Belleville, Paris Je t'aime

Concert: Canarro

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