2012. október 10., szerda

Bike flea market in oktober -

We are organising the monthly bike flea market in October too. It's onthe 13th (Saturday). You will find all kinds of things connected to biking (equipment, bikes, etc) between 1 pm and 7 pm. Local designers show their products introducing us to autumn fashion. From 4 pm to 10 pm is the Goldsprint thanks to Royal Fixi Club, so anybody who feels the power can start preparing for the tournament. We would like to inform you that on 13th of August the Hétkerék Szimpla Bringa Pince (Seven Wheels Bike Basement)opened and now operates in two locations (one is in the same room as the Szimpla Information Bar and the other is in the cellar opposite). In the latter you can rent a bike, get one repaired or store your bike during winter. In the shop you can buy all kinds of stuff: equipment, trousers, belts, bracelets, leashes and jewellery made of recycled materials, and of course many more connected to Budapest and Szimpla (T-shirts, badges, magnets, etc). As this is not a design shop, you can't buy mass produced things, only unique products by Hungarians at affordable prices. Come to the fair on Saturday. Until then visit Ráhel Demkó in Bringa Pince.

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