2012. október 18., csütörtök

Simply Sunday - market gardened goods at Szimpla Kert

Surely have heared of it, but in case not, we’d like to attract your attiention to the Gardened goods market that takes place every Sunday since 10th June. Here you can taste/buy the tasty and good quality home-grown and home made goods. Don’t hesitate visiting the market to start to eat well.

Here is a call for those who’d like to take part in selling-vending and boardening the supply:

In Hungary food stores are flooded with bad quality bulk goods that have to travel thousands of kilometers before arriving to the store shelves. Those who seek healthy and fresh food are searching in vain. Family gardens have no gap on domestic food market, most of the farmers just stop growing plants becouse of hindrances in selling. It is our common interest changing the situation. There are more and more gardened goods markets all over Hungary but there are dozens of obstacles.

For encouraging and popularizing the gardened goods movement we decided to open one, named Simply Sunday, on every Sunday in the heart of Budapest: in the 7th district. On 10th June the market opens its gates at 9:00AM at the well-known Szimpla Kert. For the operation of the market the ’Az Élhető Erzsébetvárosért Assotiation (AZÉRT 7)’ and the ’Agri Kulti Pjt’ are responsible. Latter already runs a market at Nagymaros.

 The inhabitants and tourism of the surroundings, the constant growth of demand for good quality aliments makes us believe that the market will be crowded for contentment of both sellers and buyers. The success depens on the farmers, too: whether they can unite to show the delicate home-made food supply in it’s diversity. We count on you, too – please bring your goods on Sundays to Szimpla Kert.

Just those articles of food will be sold at the market that are registered by us and come from reliable farmers. All kinds of aliments are welcome that are allowed to be sold by law, except red meat and fish. Our goal is to make customers meet authentic growers and not to meet the vendors of huge markets such as the ’Nagybani’ market.

In case you’d sell your own goods at the market or for more information please contact us (the organizers):
Bertényi Gábor, bert@szimpla.hu 20/3192-225
Kajner Péter, kajnerp@mail.interware.hu 30/5979-119
Let’s meet every Sunday at Szimpla Kert!

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