2013. október 24., csütörtök

Farmers’ Market Shop was opened in Kazinczy 7 -

What’s the news around Szimpla? Well, the Szimpla Farmers’ Market Shop was opened in Kazinczy 7. on 13th October on Sunday. And what is that? A place to try, find and fall in love with new tastes, to enjoy, take them away or simply consume them. So this is the essence of the Szimpla Farmers’ Market for the weekdays. And why have we created that? Because we want you to get those magical delicacies everyday. What can you count on?

Raw material fetish. Home gardening culture. Hungarian fair trade so farmers’ meals and potions. All this without compromise. And it’s called farmers’ for a reason, it is net farmers’ as we like it on Sundays. Homemade soups, cakes, and sandwiches. Every they there will be two soups, one with meat, the other vegan made by Andi Béres. The mangalica hot dog is standard but we will cook from what is on season. Cakes, strudels, cottage cheese poppy seed, apple all from the Szimpla oven. There will be pumpkin, poppyseed, apple pie but we will make pear cake and cottage cheese cake Kazinczy stlye. Of course the excellent coffee (Has Bean), freshly squeezed juices (beetroot, carrot, apple, etc), sandwiches with varying toppings, vegetable pestos, chutneys, yoghurts, cheese creams.

The moving bulletin shows films about the market showing real farmers atmosphere as a shop window project.

Our takeaway equipmeni is super-degradable; they are not only lied to be green, so feel free to take themwith you. This is the real white spot on the map of hosting so we drew into it a experimental workshop and kitchen. First of all it is a test that we do out of curiosity.

We opened and we will get closer to our maxims day by day.

The shop is fed by the Szimpla Farmers’ Market and nourishes the citizens and visitors of Budapest.

There is also the fact that our coffees, lattes and cappuccinos are made of Has Bean coffee. Do not be surprised to experience a totally new, a bit unusal, creamy and a little sour taste. It comes from the coffee’s fruity softness and the fortunate characteristic that it is not as acidic as most of the coffees in Budapest. Try it, we are sure that in the long run you will love it.

Come to Kazinczy, let’s have the atmosphere of the market everyday.

open between 8 am - 10 pm.
you can find us on facebook: HERE

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