2014. március 7., péntek

Every evening live on USTREAM

Not for so long Szimpla represents itself on ustream, you can watch the events on the stage int he evening live may they be concerts, dancing with Judit Virág, reading theatre or any event that creates a picture, a sound or releases anything. In case you cannot come to us to Kazinczy Streetthen click here and check out what is going on in the third best bar on Earth. You can find the detailed program on our website, browse as you wish and write the programs in your calendar when you find something that you like. Of course, it is much better if you are with us personally and you listen to the Bajdázó concert (18th March) with a glass of fine wine or a beer (for example Keserű méz: Bitter Honey). As a last resort we accept if you choose the magic of the internet at home and enjoy the programs from your armchair.

A little teaser from our former Bajdázó concert:

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