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Lemming program - 2014

The Szimpla Lemming program started last year to search for, show and give more opportunity for the talented young bands. Several co-operations have started among bands, publishers and members of the media. We proudly announce our talent program this year again. You can apply on the website: dalok.hu until midnight 16th music and are ready to give a full concert. You can apply through our partner’s website (dalok.hu) where you have to upload some of your songs, pictures of the band and a description of the band. The bands that get to the next round can give a full concert in April 2014 in Szimpla Kert. It is going to be recorded and cut by a professional. March. We would like to receive applications from bands that play unique Awards: Lemming Award: recording a full album in Szimpla Studio, which will be published and distributed by Narrátor Records
- Concert in Berlin: An opportunity to play on the stage of the Badehaus in Berlin, all costs are covered by the organisers, the band only has to take its talent.

- Fidelió Award: An opportunity to play at an event where Fidelio also takes part in and an advertising campaign for 500 000 HUF in Fidelio and port.hu - Dalok.hu Award: appearance on dalok.hu and worldwide online distribution and media support
- Szimpla Kert gift pack including a Szimpla card which is a voucher consumable in Szimpla Kert After all the concerts took place, the collegauses of Szimpla Studio and a professional jury is going to select the most appropriate band. Some of the the jury’s members are Zoltán Krulik, the frontman of MAKÁM band and former leader of Fonó Music House; Emil Biljarszki, editor of dalok.hu and leader of the bands Fókatelep and Meszecsinka; Balázs Latorczai and Bence Molnár, organiser on Szimpla Kert.

How the Szimpla Lemming Program 2014 goes
- the bands have to create a profile on dalok.hu to apply, they need two songs, one photo and a description of the band
- The chosen bands are going to give a full-length concert in the Szimpla Kert, the musicians drinks are on the house and one of the songs are going to be recorded by a professional
- The finished video is going to be published at the end of April on quart.hu where the audience can vote on their favourites.

register: HERE

We invite you all either as a band or as audience.

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