2014. március 23., vasárnap

"Kávékurzus" and handmade beers at Szimpla Haztáji Shop -

Our Szimpla Farmers’ shop is constantly expanding; here you can enjoy the pleasure of the market’s delicacies every day. Thanks to the popularity of the pálinka course and the wine course, we have launched our coffee course recently. Here you can learn a bit about coffee types, methods of roasting and what makes a coffee good and what a good coffee is like. You can learn from a professional barista Tamás Molnár. If you fill in the questionnaire until noon on Sunday here, you will have a chance to win two tickets for the next occasion which is at 6 p.m. on 26th March (Wednesday).

And what is also very important especially for the gourmand beer consumers: after the Szimpla Café, the very hugely popular handcraft beers have arrived at the Farmers’ shop: the Keserű Méz (sour honey) is not light but full and strong from the brewery in Fót; the almost exotic ginger beer with honey and orange; the beer with plum taste from Stari which has become one of the ladies’ favourites; and a light pilsner type. It is time to come to the Farmers’s shop where sandwiches, daily cakes, soups and the above mention specialities are waiting for you.

You can find the shop on facebook: here.

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